Sunday, August 20, 2006

I've been busy...

Making books that is! Wow, can you believe three books in one post? Crazy, I know. And the thing is, there's another one I forgot to take pictures of before giving it away as thanks for the help I got with "Pride & Prejudice" formating. But here we have my most recent work.

A coptic binding guestbook/photo album for my cousins wedding. Their colors are stem green, black and white. On the front is a frame with a removable insert for putting a picture or label in. I used Arches cover weight for the inside, with decorative paper from Paper Source on the cover. Aprox. size is 8" x 8".

Next is a photo album I made from a kit from Paper Source again, as a wedding gift for my good friend Noelle. The inside is black cover weight interleaved with vellum. The cover paper is also from PS and I used black bookcloth on the spine. Aprox. size is 8" x 6".

And lastly, we have an accordion book I made just for fun, for my Mom's birthday. This is before it was fully completed, inside at least. I used more great paper from PS, with a periwinkle cover weight inside. I tied it closed with some purple grosgrain ribbon. I filled it with pictured of my Mom and our family. It was a fun little project to do. Aprox. size is 4" x 3".

Oh, and by the way, unfortunately I didn't make it into the exhibit in Chicago. Kind of a bummer, but I'd been wanting to bind this book for forever and I really enjoyed it.